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Reiki is an increasingly and widely accepted healing art and modality, aligning mind, body and spirit. There are no dogma or religious belief systems involved; rather, Reiki is a healing system which enables the flow of energy to travel exactly where it needs to.

After rigorous spiritual practices and meditation in Japan, Dr. Mikao Usuifounded Reiki. As a pioneer, Dr. Usui understood that all is part of "universal life force" (ULF) and through Reiki healing, recipients can allow themselves to be more in tune within their own life force, thereby connecting them to this ULF.

Dr. Usui was inspired to share his philosophy of his awakening and deeper understanding of life force with others, providing Reiki healing sessions based off of symbolic messages which he received after his spiritual awakening to Reiki. Although it is becomingly increasingly accepted in modern Western medicine and is often practiced in hospitals, Reiki is a supplemental modality form of assistance appropriate for any medical need.

What to expect in a Reiki Session?

When clients arrive to the office for a Reiki healing session, they often ask if there is "anything they need to do for the healing to be effective." Reiki is a healing modality of intelligence and the energy will go to the areas within a person's physical, spiritual or emotional body, exactly as it should. All a client has to do is relax, focus on their breath, and let go, allowing the energy to flow as it should. While in a Reiki session, clients are gently guided and welcomed in the comforts of my office space with soft music playing, gentle lighting, and relaxing aromas in the air.

Many clients feel affected by the session within only a few days after coming to the office. This is quite normal for experienced Reiki masters and part of ones healing journey. Within its proper place and time, energy flows where it is supposed to go. Many clients leave feeling more relaxed, clear, and connected to their being.

When do I know if a Reiki Healing session is right for me?

Reiki will come into your life when it is right for you. However, a Reiki session is more appropriate if you are looking to better align your mind, body, and spirit, increase your own ability to let go of unwanted stress, and improve your overall state. For further information, feel free to contact Jacob if a Reiki session during this sacred time and space is calling you.

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