Clinical Social Worker, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist and Author.

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  • Author / Teacher

    Wisdom from personal direct transformative experiences to guide you on your journey.

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  • Hypnotherapist

    Assisting clients merge their desire for goals and visions to reality.

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  • Healer

    Balancing your mind, body and spirit through getting in touch with the healer in you.

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  • Psychotherapist

    Empowering clients to collaboratively explore ways to turn problems into everyday grace.

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Are you tired of feeling burdened and stressed by everyday life? Are you looking for more in-depth solutions to everyday problems? Let Jacob guide you in deepening your inner guidance through a wide array of spiritual empowerment workshops, including practical tools for your daily life and revisiting the guidebook of your inner-self and infinite wisdom.

Jacob provides mindfulness, reiki, psychotherapy sessions in his office, over the phone, or on the computer. From his years in direct and indirect contact with energy, he has seen fascinating results from these alternative treatments that he uses hand-in-hand with other methods to further accelerate your goals of balance, clarity, and inner peace, in order to find answers within.

Jacob also facilitates workshops specializing in mindfulness, Reiki, past-life regression, spiritual insight and tools for everyday grace, and lessons of eternal consciousness for practical living gained from his Near-Death Experience.

Let Jacob guide you to mind, body, spirit modalities that meet your personal needs through Reiki, hypnosis, and past-life regression to explore higher guidance and wisdom. Let him be a part of your solution and evolution—transforming the limited to the unlimited.


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What People Are Saying

"I saw Jacob Cooper last night for a remote Reiki session. During the session We went to a place of pain and Jacob sent energy to let the healing power of Reiki work to elevate the discomfort and any other discomfort in other places in my body. I had much less pain in that region after the session and today as well. My neck has been an issue most of my life. It's much better now. I booked another session the day after and highly recommend his services."
"Jacob, I want to thank you for your wonderful Reiki session for our son. Since seeing you he has been "different". He appears to be more settled, reflective and willing to discuss his anxieties in a more logical manner. Thank you for being such a positive influence. I will definitely be bringing him back for another reiki session as soon as I can. Thank you again your gifts and professionalism are phenomenal"
~ Nancy
"Jake has an extraordinary gift and he is an amazing healer! He made me feel comfortable and took the time I needed to get through the session. I feel like I made a lifelong friend. I look forward to seeing him again. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world"
~ Stella
"I really enjoyed my Reiki session with Jacob!! He is a very gifted healer and intuitive. He was able to quickly connect and see part of myself no one could of possibly known unless connecting to my flow of energy. He was very professional and empathetic. I got a lot out of my Reiki session by reducing stress and improved my mental and spiritual clarity. I look forward to working with him more in the near future and highly reccomend booking a Reiki session to restore balance in your life."
Working with Jake was an extraordinary experience. His manner of speaking and openness Is beautiful. I was so comfortable and had such a wonderful experience. I even had my own experience the next day with past life regression. I look forward to being able to work with him again.
~ Jeanette
Thank you so much for my recent past life regression. I appreciate you addressing my questions and concerns before we started. The mini Reiki session at the beginning was wonderful and just what I needed to relax and go deep. The hypnosis gifted me with greater insight into what is important in my present life. It also granted me a clearer understanding of the nature of relationships, my responsibility in my perception of these relationships, and an expanded balanced discernment of myself - and all beings - as pure love. The experience is hard to put into words, as is my appreciation for your gentle manner and generosity of spirit. Thank you again.
~ Ellen
"I had the privilege of attending a workshop last evening on Near Death Experiences presented by Jake. He shared his personal experiences from childhood. He led us on a beautiful meditation/visualization. Jake has a very soothing voice. I found the meditation to be profound. Currently, I am going thru treatment for cancer and I was "seeking answers" and emotional support regarding death, and life after life. Jake's talk was profound and riveting. He was very generous in his sharing. I came away from the experience feeling so comforted and filled. It was all I hoped for. Jake is a wonderful therapist and healer. I am very happy to have been a part of this healing evening."
~ Kathy N.
"Jake is a truly gifted healer. I could not be more impressed with his depth of spiritual knowledge and how he expertly integrates combined expertise in many areas including counselling, aromatherapy, essential oils, crystals, hypnosis and past life regression to provide the very best treatment outcome for all concerned. By far the most memorable reiki session."
~ Luis
I want to thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL Reiki session last Thursday. I came to you so broken that night. I left feeling calm and at peace. You have an amazing gift of healing. You are a true blessing. Continue sharing your love and light.
~ Christine
“I would recommend Jake for a healing session. He comes with a warm and ethereal vibe. I felt comfortable and enjoyed our session. He provided a pre and post briefing period to ensure I got the most of the session. He utilized reiki and sound healing to try and balance my overactive mind and clear blockages. I left the session feeling energized and lighter.”
~ A.V.
“I know Jake Cooper to be an enlightened and earnest individual who has a finely developed sensitivity to the environment around him. He is not afraid to be disagreeable and by this term, I mean one who is comfortable cutting a different path and questioning the accepted traditions that surround us. Jake is naturally intuitive and he has a big heart for people. Most of all, Jake is passionate about his own principles and exudes that energy out to others. Upon meeting him, you will instantly spot the spark in his eyes that belies his intelligence and his wisdom about the world, both seen and unseen.”
~ Beth Harden ~ Author, Social Worker
“I’ve known Jake for many years. If I can be honest, when he was much younger I found him to be very intense, almost in a scary way. I didn’t quite know which realm he was in, here or somewhere else. It wasn’t until recently that I heard about his near death experience, this explains a lot! How terrifying for a child that hasn’t really even lived yet to make the decision as to whether to stay or move on from this world to be born again at another time. As he has come to accept his spiritual existence, I have noticed a profound change in Jake’s being. More of an exploration of why he chose to stay, the grand plan of this present life. This healing path of helping others to understand what they may be going through by sharing his NDE and using the healing hands of Reiki to help others come back to themselves. Although the real work comes from within yourself, Jake can help guide you back to homeostasis.”
~ Sharon Cooper ~ LMT, CHHC, RYT200hr, RMT, A Healing Journey Wellness
“I met Jake at the International Association of Near Death Studies Conference in 2017 and sensed his light and sincerity. Since then we've remained in touch and talked deeply. I've followed his good work and will do so for years to come. He is a light bringer. He's on the path to stay and will be a blessing to all who attend his workshops.”
~ Rev. Peter B. Panagore M. Div, Inspirational Ministries, Author of "Heaven is Beautiful" and "Two Minutes for God"
“Jake Cooper is a gentle, searching soul who feels deeply for all of those with whom he comes in contact. Deep, caring, self aware and filled with a yearning spirit, Jake is blessed with a unique ability to listen, share, connect and relate to others, making him a wonderful facilitator and guide. Fortunate are those who will be inspired by his insight and nurtured by his experience, journey, positivity and warmth.”
~ Rabbi Judah Mischel
“I am so excited to see that Jake is finally ready to share his gift with us. Spirit has been preparing him for quite sometime. He is an old Soul that is passionate about anything he sets his mind to and we will be the beneficiaries. We are all here to teach and learn from each other. Jake, it is an honor to know you and to be a part of your Healing journey.”
~ Yvonne Cook ~ RN RMT
“I have come to know Jacob Cooper through our mutual professional organizations and then personally. I have found him to be very passionate about helping others on their Spiritual path thru counseling and healing. He is always willing to help me and others when it is within his ability to do so. He is an enthusiastic supporter encouraging others to grow, learn and achieve. This, coupled with his LMSW background and intuition, he is in a unique position to help his clients.”
~ Winter Brook Ryan, Esq. ~ Psychic Medium & RMT
“Jake Cooper is a brilliant young man who is very willing to share his remarkable and enlightening near death experience as a young boy. I recently attended one of his lectures and thoroughly enjoyed hearing the details he described during his time in the afterlife. I loved Jake’s beautiful and loving energy and I am certain his wisdom will lift anyone’s consciousness in this regard.”
~ Bonnie Simms ~ Astrologer, President of National Council of Geocosmic Research, Long Island Chapter
“It’s my pleasure to recommend Jacob and his spiritual services. I have the privilege to be his astrologer for the past several years. It gives me hope that his generation, the Indigo Generation, is so devoutly and innately spiritual. His earthy Taurus energies make practical use of his supernatural abilities, while his intense Mercury Pluto opposition delves into the deep recesses of our psyches. He is one of the light workers, much needed and in demand, as our planet needs all the light workers and New Age enlightenment it can get. I highly recommend Jacob’s work. He’s a special being with skills and qualities and calm demeanor needed to do NDE work. He always takes the initiative for personal and spiritual growth in wanting to make this planet a better, more conscious and aware place.”
~ Andrea Mallis ~ Astrologer at ESPN and Comcast Sports Net Bay Area. Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting
“Jake Cooper recently appeared as a headline speaker at the Eyes of Learning Spring Festival where I heard him speak. His informative, yet compelling delivery as a public speaker is most impressive. His subject of transformational and metaphysical realities of our multidimensional life stream journeys was both gratifying and reassuring. He speaks from experience and with his heart. His ability to distill and apply subjects that have intrigued mankind for millennia is riveting. He not only knows his subject, but is also revealing an impressive ability to relay it to the public perception. I highly recommend him to anyone who could be lucky enough to be counted among his clients, and I especially endorse his ability as a communicative speaker for any lecture series or workshops on metaphysical subjects.”
~ Montgomery Taylor ~ Broadcaster, Producer and lecturer at ARAS (a division of the Carl Jung Institute), Board member of the United Nations Enlightenment Society (UNSRC)
"I received a lovely Reiki Session from Jacob Cooper today. I immediately felt relaxed from the beginning of the session. Soothing music and essential oils helped to set the sacred space in his office. I am a Reiki Master Teacher myself, so I am very sensitive to ✨Energy.✨ When the session was completed, I truly felt cleansed of energy that no longer served me. Today's session was an absolute ✨gift✨ for myself. I highly recommend Jacob's Reiki Services. ✨💛✨"
~ Debra, Reiki Master Teacher
“We asked Jake to share his story of his NDE and whilst his story is on a parallel to most experiences of this phenomena, it is his willingness to teach a wider reality and to offer comfort to those living in fear of death and the afterlife that we applaud. His drive and dedication to his message is wonderful and we wish him the best in all is future endeavors and to those souls whom he will touch with his message.”
~ Jock Brocas ~ Evidential Medium, ASSMPI Founder and Author
"I met Jake for a past life regression and I truly can't say enough about him or my experience. With his expertise and guidance he helped me answer so many questions and close doors. Not only is Jacob such a genuinely warm, sincere, and mindful person, but he is so remarkably intelligent about hypnotherapy, past life regression, reiki... he made me feel comfortable immediately. Truly grateful for this experience, my healing, and growth thanks to Jake, he's an amazing soul."
~ Sherri
“I have witnessed Jake’s ability to beautifully articulate and answer to the call in his NDE talks on life’s greatest question on What Happens When We Die? As a Professional Medium I am thoroughly impressed by Jake’s ability to provide inspiring and evidential angles into the hereafter from his own profound near death experience that so many of us can truly gain and evolve from. As a Hypnotherapist, I support Jake’s ability to tune into clients areas of desired needed improvements and to empower clients with the tools to change their lives. Jake is also a gifted healer and is very astute in Meditation and providing Mindfulness workshops. If you are interested in having Jake as a lecturer or to have a private session you are making a great choice to take steps forward in evolving and elevating your consciousness as well as the collective consciousness.”
~ Glenn Dove, Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist
"Last night i had a Reiki session with Jacob was hands down incredible! this was the second time working with him and i’m glad to say i will continue working with him for a long period of time, i never felt so relaxed, mentally and physically calm by every touch. seriously some magic hands!! today waking up i feel ready n healthy to take on the day! (hit the gym and get this money🤑) i really recommend anyone feeling drained in energy or in need of some physical and mental changes with healing of Reiki please schedule an appointment with Jacob ! your really missing out if your holding back on his powers! i give yesterdays session 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
~ Michelle B.

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