Past Life Regression

Past life regression is one of the most effective ways to access and explore past lives. It is facilitated in a guided and gentle form of hypnosis that allows clients to visit their previous carnations from the context of an observer. It allows participants in a group or individual basis to explore question such as who am I? Was I here before? If so where did I live and what did I do? How are some of my past lives significant to my current. Through past life regression or exploration, participants will be given an opportunity to experience their past lives and explore not only who they were but the many lessons involved. As they say messages are repeated until lessons are embraced. Impacts of healing from a past life regression can increase awareness and closure to certain carnations that one maybe stuck on contributing to unexplained tendencies, fears and obstructions to this carnation. It can also be a window to explain some of ones gifts and the greater purpose of this life. Please feel free to inquire upon further information on scheduling an individual or group session.

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