Meditation is a great technique and way of being to reduce and better regulate stress and emotions. Meditation is heavily practiced in Buddhists Traditions however its
origin go back even further. (Meditation has it’s origins way before Buddha
even walked the Earth. The earliest mentions of it were about 1500 BCE in the
Vedas where they talk about the ancient system of meditation).

In public presentations as well as group or individual sessions, I focus a lot of
my primary

 focus on Mindfulness Meditation.  Mindfulness Meditation is
originated in Buddhist Tradition and Practices. Mindfulness can be utilized as
a way of being and often allows participants to live their own lives with a greater
sense of self awareness and self actualization.  It simply allows participants of the practice to find more intimacy and connection with the moment and the breath while
stepping back and improving awareness of thoughts and impulses that divert from
the present moment.  Mindfulness works in a way of aligning the mind, body
and spirit to be aware of how one is being while one is doing. It has been made
popular in today’s world often seen in magazines and in pop psychology. Its
roots are ancient, however, today it is being practiced now more than ever.
School systems, corporations, athletic programs and beyond are now buying into
an old form of practice and making it new. Mindfulness Meditation allows one to
formulate a greater sense of self-awareness, which helps individuals formulate a
greater sense of connectivity to the world around them and ultimately is a
practice that can develop greater extents of love and altruism. Mindfulness can
be practiced in sitting meditation or in the wakened state. Its goal is to keep
what one practices in sitting in the awakened state by formulating a calm body
with an alert mind.


Often times in today’s world, we are taught that in order to focus we need to be
intense. Mindfulness Meditation allows one to formulate greater capabilities to
relax the brain which allows information to be processed easier, focus to
improve, memory to increase from optimal states of a calm body and relaxed as well as focused attentiveness to awareness. Mindfulness is utilized by allowing individuals
to have a constant practice with their own stimuli that one takes in their everyday
life and their own response. The late and brilliant Viktor E. Frankl, Holocaust
Survivor, Psychiatrist and Author of Mans search for Meaning discussed that
“Between stimuli and response there is a space. In that space is our power to
chose our response. In our response lies our growth”. Freedom, emotional
regulatory capabilities and growth all can transpire when one is simply present
with themselves, thoughts and in the moment. Mindfulness Meditation is deeply
rooted in reputable forms of psychotherapy including Dialectical Behavioral
Therapy and Radical Acceptance. As the founder of D.B.T., Marsha Linehan often
discusses that the first steps of getting out of quick sand is to first
recognize that one is in it. In sum, awareness, acceptance and non-attachment
can better position ones life to shift and evolve in a better regulated and
heightened manner.

Have a conscious Mindful moment for yourself each day and your life can better align itself as a sacred Meditation….

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