Have you ever had a goal, vision in your life of yourself that you just seem to not reach? Have you had unexplained fears or seemingly automatic responses before tests, job interviews or in generalized social situations? Have you been dreaming of taking your life and yourself to the next level but have just experienced many road blocks and are frustrated? Have you tried every avenue of the helping profession but just can’t seem to reach your goal? If any of these descriptions fits you then Hypnosis may be right for you.

Hypnosis is a modern day increasingly accepted practice used by popularized individuals in the helping profession such as Sigmund Freud and Milton Erickson. It’s roots however go as far back as the Ancient Egyptian culture. Its primary credential body of education is stemmed in the National Guild of Hypnosis which makes certain that its student reaches ethical and proper standards to practice Hypnosis.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is effective by allowing individuals in a relaxed and proper state which opens an individual to be receptive to suggestibility. Under optimal conditions, clients report to be in more control of themselves from formulating a greater connection with their ability to focus on their own scenes and focus to surroundings thus debunking myths of brainwashed or in a place of control. Deep states of relaxation in which subconscious and conscious mind are both active and in clear interplay with one another allow entertain the possible missing links to their desired change. The conscious mind is all the thoughts that one maybe aware of in the moment. The main goal again of hypnosis is geared towards change in a given area in ones life where there are unexplained barriers.

For example prior to seeking out a hypnotherapist many clients may consciously want to lets lose weight but their subconscious minds maybe holding them back with deep seated perceptions or memories that are getting in the way of their desired changes and vice versa. While in Hypnosis a client often experiences an open state that allows their conscious mind and subconscious mind to work in harmony to see, believe and achieve their desired changes in their life.

Jacob completed his credentials to practice Hypnosis with the National Guild of Hypnosis program lead by Carol Denicker, BCH and Founder and Director of North Shore Hypnosis - New York State's only accredited program of Hypnosis. Jacob's practice is located in LI, NY and he is available for individual and group sessions, as well as over the phone. As your trusted Hypnotherapist, he will guide you in your session to reach your desired changes in your life in a warm, comfortable environment. For further information on booking a session feel free to contact Jacob via phone or email. Online booking can be made through the “Appointment Request” tab button located right on the menu screen.

Types of Sessions:

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Increased Motivation

Academic Success

Improved Self Confidence

Athletic/Sports Performance

Job Performance

Mood Regulation/Anger Management

Childhood Issues

Past Life Regression


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